Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A testimony

I have seen SO many changes in myself. I am so glad I came on a mission, no matter how much I want to go home. I realized I didn't just come out here to only help people. I now realized why everyone says boys need to go on a mission to grow up. Because I have learned so much mentally and spiritually, I couldn't even afford NOT going on a mission. My mind has been changed and I realize so many more things now. I appreciate the importance of the gospel, and I am growing so much myself. I am learning how to need to work hard, because I was such a princess at home. Still am... haha, but I'm realizing why God put us on this earth. I can't believe I almost didn't come on a mission. I highly suggest a mission for every young adult... including girls! Especially with this age change, I promise no girl would regret going on a mission. You learn so much and grow so much closer to heavenly father. You learn the important things in life. I can't believe how much I relied on social media, and now I don't have it, I don't really miss it as much as I thought how important it was... Conversion is not an event it is a process.

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