Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I made it to California people! I won't get to send too much of a big e-mail because yesterday was P-day and our flight got delayed way late and we got in super late.                                                                    
But we arrived in California at 77 degrees!! Yes so warm!! I'm loving it! Currently in Rancho Cucamonga!
They wanted us to send a letter to let everyone know we got here safely and send a picture once we got here. Sister Hernandez and I spent the night at the mission presidents beautiful home last night, it was great! California is so beautiful!!! Oh my goodness, I love it already. Palm trees, mountains, fancy houses, fancy cars, better restaurants, etc. etc.
We will meet our trainers in a few hours and told what city we will serve in, so I won't get to let you know until next week where I am, so wish me luck! I'm so excited to be here! But I did get to call my family before my flight yesterday for a few hours so I was so happy for that I love you all so much!
I'll try to send lots of pictures next week, it's so beautiful here!!!!
I miss you all so much especially Mom, Dad, Haley, Martina, Hunter, Braden, and Steph! Love my family, love my friends! Keep me in your prayers, you're always in mine. Here's the 16 new missionaries coming to Rancho Cucamonga mission.
Love, Sister Day

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